‘The Fare Site’ Info— The fascination of the infinite universe and everything that flashes, floats, rotates and hangs in it has ... a firm place in Jantje Fleischhut's artistic work. The cloudy information on the back of the moon inspires and is the basis for her new jewelry collection 'The Far Side'. The 5° inclined lunar orbit and its elliptical shape leave 41 percent of the moon's surface hidden from the earth. It was only on October 7, 1959 that the Russian probe 'Luna 3' took the first photo from the back of the moon. The recording is not spectacular, the resolution is poor. For Jantje Fleischhut, on the other hand, this is where the 41% conception in the shade begins. The result are clear and very fine constellations in material, a variety of jewelry elements that meet in various sets. All elements can always be positioned differently by the wearer. The image of the back of the moon is in motion.

91_reginagleam.jpg 91_reginaecho.jpg 91_isbelgravel.jpg 91_alisdarnorth.jpg 91_gleam.jpg 91_tigermoon.jpg 91_record.jpg 91_luminosity.jpg 91_orb.jpg 91_solitude.jpg 91_north.jpg 91_gravel.jpg 91_motion2.jpg 91_moss.jpg 91_echo.jpg 91_lox.jpg 91_webglowl.jpg 91_webencodedfrequency_v2.jpg 91_webdustyicel.jpg