‘dolomitensagen’ & ‘die weissen berge’ Info — It started as a fairytale: moonlight on the mountains, blooming alpine meadows and a young prince in love…An old legend about the Dolomites served as a source of inspiration for the new jewellery of Jantje Fleischhut. She made no straightforward translations, but suggestive, abstract compositions. By combining specially designed elements with found objects she achieves a subtle balance between vision, craft and coincidence. A new chapter is added to the story: with our heads still in the clouds we arrive in the present. The mountains are opened up by the train, benches are waiting and technical installations compete with the mountain massif. People arrive at the scene - unusual in modern jewellery: lonely visitors stand pondering in the landscape. Not only in an expressive sense, but also technically does Jantje Fleischhut work on the highest level. With great zeal she manages to broaden the possibilities of plastics as a medium for her art. She now successfully incorporated drawings and photographs in this material, producing multilayered images with a compelling perspective. And behind the mountains the ever luring shine of gold and silver. Ward Schrijver

22_meanwhileoronebirdsings.jpg 22_incidential.jpg 22_bubble.jpg 22_morgenvrs2.jpg 22_belongincoming2.jpg 22_greens2.jpg 22_greensb.jpg 22_tryflying1.jpg 22_los.jpg 22_forest.jpg 22_hereandthere.jpg 22_surmountable.jpg 22_weiss.jpg 22_springhookmoon.jpg 22_nightfall.jpg 22_meadowy.jpg 22_yellowgreens-xs.jpg 22_alpineroseandstar.jpg 22_pinkmoonabove.jpg 22_luminarybehind.jpg 22_acrossfrom.jpg 22_pinkclosetomoon2.jpg 22_next-to-hoch-xs.jpg 22_07be-long-in-coming.jpg 22_14dolomietensagens.jpg 22_southof.jpg 22_spring-hook-branch.jpg 22_not-yetgr.jpg 22_luminary.jpg 22_heruniverseandearth.jpg 22_nights.jpg 22_night2.jpg 22_flowersfrommoon.jpg