‘communication phrothesis’ Info — Regularly one is confronted with a state of unclear feelings and uncertainty about ones fellow men… interhuman communication is a constant clashing of differing personal conceptions of reality and often ends in confusion. The cause of it all lies in the system of the human body itself. Examining those conditions lead Fleischhut more and more to the subject of ‘communication prostheses’. Little receivers catch the tiny fleeting things ‘between the lines’ and transfer them directly to the place where the impulse belongs. Therefore the piece consists of two parts. The back part is worn under the clothes, touching the skin of the wearer, the other one keeps contact to the outside world.

16_00groendrawing.jpg 16_3groen.jpg 16_00yellow.jpg 16_4communicatiegelb_v2.jpg 16_2nestle.jpg 16_1600rosedrawingtxt.jpg 16_00rose.jpg 16_5communicatie.jpg 16_6communicatierosa.jpg 16_1rot_v2.jpg 16_16txtnestledrawing_v2.jpg 16_00nestledrawingjpg.jpg