‘Lost in translation and back to moon’ Info— Lost in translation and back to moonJantje Fleischhut sends her jewellery pieces into the world as though they were space probes, messengers traversing the universe.

They are quasi-functional instruments of advancing communication between people.
Though her new pieces also employ precious stones, silver or gold, they consist mostly of unorthodox components such as plastic covers, packing materials or pieces of wood. This attention to materials that normally would disappear in the trash lends her work an unorthodox but highly enticing aesthetical value.
Fleischhut gives disregarded forms expressive power and finds a subtle bal-ance between glaring or faded colours. As the ultimate proof of re-appreciation, she finishes almost all parts of her brooches in dozens of layers of epoxy, creat-ing a sensual, contemporary variant on classical Japanese lacquer work.
Jantje Fleischhut’s jewellery reveals the abundance of unnoticed beauty in our daily world; an artist with a message.Wardt Schrijver

47_d.jpg 47_thunbergia-grandiflora.jpg 47_lug_v2.jpg 47_interface-control_v2.jpg 47_rapid-blue-1.jpg 47_orbiter9_v2.jpg 47_remote-recording_v2.jpg 47_the-other-one_v2.jpg 47_ursa-minor.jpg 47_viewfinder_v2.jpg 47_flybyprobe_v2.jpg 47_it-might-like-you_v2.jpg 47_flight-recorder_v2.jpg 47_bubblethe-necklace-480.jpg 47_kat480.jpg