‘handarbeitnord’, ‘rings for planet earth’, ‘space&place’ Info— 'Handarbeit' evokes the image of knitting ladies or men doing woodwork, ‘try flying’ got an integrated 'do-it-yourself' manual and step-by-step instruction…Personal notes, drawings, ideas and sketches collected in a book form are published to a large public in Munich during the international fair ‘Schmuck’ and give the idea to recreate. 'Handarbeit Nord' instructions from 8 individual makers accompany the original work of 8 different necklaces. Detailed information about this project you find here www.handarbeit-nord.blogspot.com

Rings for planet earth — little botany An exhibition curated by Akiko Ban, Tokyo
The image of growing processes in nature and its beauty inspired the artist. Little botany’s originated in her studio from found plastic objects or self-casted resin combined with precious stones and metal.

10_08b.jpg 10_08c.jpg 10_08f.jpg 10_08a1.jpg 10_08necklacemontage.jpg 10_08botany1.jpg 10_08botany2.jpg 10_08botany3.jpg 10_08botany4.jpg 10_heldon2.jpg 10_noballongr.jpg 10_heldon1.jpg